Guess What it Says? Answers

  1. "One thing after another"
  2. "broken heart or heart broken"
  3. "but on second thought"
  4. "last but not least"
  5. "one in a million"
  6. "fooling around"
  7. "history repeats itself"
  8. "musically inclined"
  9. "the beginning of the end"
  10. "scatter brain"
  11. "line up in single file"
  12. "pacing back and forth"
  13. a backwards glance
  14. "a thin line between love and hate"
  15. "all things great and small"


Happy Word Answer - Smile!!!


Riddles Answers

a. Billy
b. Neither, egg yolks are yellow, not white!
c. Breath
d. Fog
e. A Towel
f. The letter "R"
g. Fire
h. sponge
i. Neither. Both weigh a pound!
j. Halfway. Once it reaches halfway, it's running out of the woods.
k. Whatever color your hair is. Remember, you're driving the bus!
l. In Washington, D.C.
m. The letter "V"
n. A human. The times of day represent stages of human life. At the beginning of life, a baby crawls on four "feet". As a person gets older, they walk on two feet. Later in life, a person will walk on three "feet" (two feet, plus a cane to help them walk).
o. Heat travels faster, because you catch a cold!
p. He was bald.
q. The horse's name was Friday.


Literary Cryptograms